Students have their progress reported on a standard Provincial Report Card, which includes the following information:

  • each subject that the student is studying.
  • the student’s mark expressed as a percentage grade, along with the course median.
  • number of classes missed and times late for class.
  • the student’s achievement in five learning skills:
    • works independently;
    • teamwork;
    • organization;
    • work habits/ homework;
    • initiative
  • a comment by each teacher for each subject, including student strengths, areas for improvement, and suggested next steps, where appropriate.
  • an indication of the credit(s) granted for each course in which the student’s mark is 50% or higher.

The report card will include information with respect to a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) where appropriate. The report card will also indicate whether a course has been modified to meet the needs of students. The Response Form provides a section where the student and the parent or guardian can comment on the student’s progress at the end of the mid-term or mid-semester.

A summary of credits earned to date, including a breakdown of compulsory and optional elective credits, is provided at the end of the final report card of the year or semester. Student progress is generally reported at mid-term or mid-semester and at the completion of a year or semester.

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