Contingency Plan if CUPE Strikes

Dear Lakehead Public Schools Families,

As you may know, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has served a strike notice and have announced that they may be in a position to strike as early as Monday, November 21, 2022, if an agreement is not reached with the Government of Ontario.

CUPE Staff Within Our School Board:

Within Lakehead Public Schools, CUPE represents all custodial and maintenance staff, as well as secondary school cafeteria workers.

What This Means For Our Schools:

In the event of a CUPE strike, our schools would be without custodial and maintenance staff, which are essential to the health and safety of students and staff.  Should there be a full withdrawal of CUPE services, our schools would be closed to in-person learning (special needs and child care centres excepted, see details below).  Programming would be delivered to your child remotely, at home, through Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw, and Edsby.  Schools will begin collecting information today and tomorrow about technology needs for families to move to remote learning in case a strike is confirmed.  Until then, parents and guardians are asked to monitor their email or our website and social media accounts to await confirmation.

First Day of Strike (potentially Monday, November 21, 2022):

If CUPE strikes, day one of the strike would result in a remote asynchronous (see definition below) day of learning for students Board-wide.  On this day, students and families would be able to pick up devices from schools if needed, and staff would prepare for the transition to remote teaching.  Your child’s asynchronous day plan would be posted by your child’s educator by 10 a.m. on the first day of strike. Schools would communicate with parents and guardians regarding how to pick up their child’s device.  

After First Day of Strike:

Should a CUPE strike happen and last more than one day, remote synchronous (see definition below) learning would begin as of day two and would continue until CUPE staff members return to work.  More information would be forthcoming regarding upcoming co-curricular activities.

Please be aware that this remains a fluid and changing provincial situation.  We are committed to your child’s education and well-being and our educators are prepared to deliver quality education to your child in a positive, uplifting, and encouraging manner.  While Lakehead Public Schools is not directly involved in the provincial negotiations, we value our CUPE staff members and remain hopeful that an agreement will be reached very soon so that a strike can be averted and schools can stay open to in-person learning.  We thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.

Special Needs:

If there is the confirmation of a CUPE strike, schools would be closed to in-person learning with the exception of classrooms for self-contained Special Education.  Children who attend school in self-contained Special Education classes may continue to attend school as usual during a CUPE strike.

Child Care Centres at School Sites:

If there is the confirmation of a CUPE strike, child care centres located at school sites would continue to be open and operational.


ASYNCHRONOUS – Asynchronous learning is any type of learning that someone undertakes on their own schedule and which does not require consistent real-time interactions with an instructor. Asynchronous learning may involve students watching pre-recorded video lessons, completing assigned tasks, or contributing to online discussion boards.

SYNCHRONOUS – Synchronous learning means the type of learning that involves instruction and connection with students in real time.  The educators and students meet together (remotely), and all the students experience learning at the same time.  Educators and students are involved in an interactive and engaging way to learn.  It helps educators provide immediate feedback to students and enables students to interact with one another.